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Digital Brand Audit

Is your online marketing a waste of time?  Are you making the same mistakes as your online competitors?  Do you want to stay relevant in today's online marketplace?


"Understand in order to improve"

  • Increased sales
  • Receive more qualified leads
  • Higher brand recognition
  • Reputation management

During the Digital Brand Audit your entire internet presence, not just website or social but all these and more, are examined in relationship to your business goals.

"You need to know your current situation to know what to do next."

Understand your position relative to market leaders, competitors and industry benchmarks to identify your gaps and potential for improvements. Both short term and long term areas to fix or develop can be found by having an external audit.

The Digital Brand Audit is a multi-step process in which the goals for your online presence are defined, measurements are made and then these compared with competitors and benchmarks. After an extensive examination using both internal and public information the audit results in a detailed report as well as a summary score-card which highlight scope for improvement, makes specific and detailed recommendations for actions, and serves as an internal benchmark for later comparisons.

WL Media has developed the Digital Brand Audit (DBA) to bring together all those essentials to internet marketing presence under one umbrella in order to give an integrated and cohesive view of a company's online situation. Rather than focusing simply on one area, such as Social Media or Search Engine Optimization, the DBA examines all these and more. Improvements towards your company goal can then be carried out.

The full Digital Brand Audit, covering all topics against 6 of your leading competitors, is an approximately two to three month process and costs HK$245,000.  Customized versions focusing on particular areas only, such as a Social Media audit or a Reputation audit, are also available on request.  Ad-hoc consulting on an hourly basis is also possible.

To learn how the Digital Brand Audit can improve your online internet marketing contact us today.

Google Testmysite?

Google recently released a new tool called testmysite to encourage people to test their own small business websites for three different quality factors. Is this relevant to your website in Hong Kong? Raymond Lowe takes a look and give you some context on what it means for online marketing for your business in Hong Kong.

Here are the scores for

Should you be testing your business website? And what do the results actually mean from the perspective of digital marketing, and not just technology.


Mobile Ready

Are you mobile ready? Even the MTR says "Don't keep your eyes only on your mobile phone", but Hong Kongers are harder to tear away from the little screen. So your online presence, from websites to logos, from shopping carts to infographics have to allow for this reality.

From 2012 to 2014 Mobile usage in Hong Kong for English language speakers went up 92%.

By July 2017 more people in Hong Kong will access your website on their phone, than on a PC. And that's not even counting tablets, phablets, slates and other mid-sized portable devices.


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