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Avoid losing business as users move to mobile if you are not ready for them. Don't let the competition with mobile ready channels get there first. And identify and act on mobile specific business opportunity such as online-to-offline and geographic targeting.

Think about it - is your business mobile ready? Mobile aware?  Mobile optimized?  Even the MTR tells us not to not only look at our mobile phones, but Hong Kongers are hard to tear away from the little screen. So your online presence, from websites to logos, from shopping carts to infographics have to allow for this reality.

From 2012 to 2014 Mobile usage in Hong Kong for English language speakers went up 92%.

By July 2017 more people in Hong Kong will access your website on their phone, than on a PC. And that's not even counting tablets, phablets, slates and other mid-sized portable devices.

Increasingly your brand may be viewed through the very small window of a mobile device, and regardless of the technical issues with small screens, slower speeds and bad connections you still want to shine through.

If your goals involve serving mobile visitors equally or even more than desktop users then it may be time to consider a mobile-first strategy.  Decide how you want your customer experience to be on the phone, and get that right, and worry about the desktop later.  Typically it is easier to simply scale things up for a larger device, than it is to crunch them down for a smaller.  So a mobile design may work perfectly adequately for desktop viewers, whereas the reverse is often not the case.

While if you are aiming to improve brand awareness via social media it is essential that you consider how your articles, images and logos are going to look on very small devices.  There is no one perfect solution that fits every requirement, but various effective balances are possible depending on your particular market. A SEO digital marketing course, preferably inhouse, may guide you through most of the basics you need to know when promoting your business online for all devices.

WL Media can help to identify your mobile exposure by determining what part of your audience is now using mobile and making forecasts specific to your business as to how mobile will develop in impact.  We can lay out the various options for moving towards mobile optimized, from responsive design to native apps, and design or project manage delivery of these options for you.



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