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SEO Training In-House

Want to bring skills in-house? Does your team need to understand SEO? Move to the next level of Internet Marketing with inhouse SEO skills!

For company who rely heavily on Google traffic to their website for leads and sales SEO becomes a key part of your business process. While outsourcing your SEO to experts is an effective solution it is also valuable to have SEO expertise in-house. Here are WL Media HK we have many years of experience which we can use to train your staff to be familiar with SEO techniques from the basics to the latest trends.

Our in-house SEO Training Course is customized specifically to your requirements and is part of a structured training program process that goes through multiple phases.

Phase 1: Research & Development

With diagnostic survey and interviews to perform level-setting and identify knowledge gaps, followed by program content development and confirmation.

Phase 2: Implementation

In-house face-to-face training at your company facility. With hands-on examples created specifically to your company situation and industry.

Phase 3: Follow-up

Post-training survey and analysis to identify progress and next steps for development.



To learn how the SEO Training In-House can improve your online internet marketing contact us today.

Google Testmysite?

Google recently released a new tool called testmysite to encourage people to test their own small business websites for three different quality factors. Is this relevant to your website in Hong Kong? Raymond Lowe takes a look and give you some context on what it means for online marketing for your business in Hong Kong.

Here are the scores for

Should you be testing your business website? And what do the results actually mean from the perspective of digital marketing, and not just technology.


Mobile Ready

Are you mobile ready? Even the MTR says "Don't keep your eyes only on your mobile phone", but Hong Kongers are harder to tear away from the little screen. So your online presence, from websites to logos, from shopping carts to infographics have to allow for this reality.

From 2012 to 2014 Mobile usage in Hong Kong for English language speakers went up 92%.

By July 2017 more people in Hong Kong will access your website on their phone, than on a PC. And that's not even counting tablets, phablets, slates and other mid-sized portable devices.


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